Thuis & Partners

Over the last 40 years, Thuis & Partners Advocaten has grown to be the largest law firm in Parkstad Limburg and one of the larger law firms in the Province of Limburg. We are permanent legal counsel to many large and midsize companies, institutions and governments. While most of our clients are based in South Limburg, many are also located elsewhere in the Netherlands and abroad. The firm is characterised by its no-nonsense approach, focus on expertise, customised solutions and outstanding value for money.

Our Lawyers

Our experienced lawyers work in the areas of labour law, company and insolvency law, tax litigation, real estate law and government law, as well as in the areas of tort and liability and personal and family law.

Our approach focuses on rendering professional advice and preventing litigation. Sometimes, however, litigation is inevitable. When you find yourself facing such a situation, you can rely on our substantial litigation experience.

Our clients often operate across borders. As a result, we have partnerships with similar firms, both in the Meuse-Rhine Euroregion (Lex-Euregio) and globally (IPG).